About the institute Prava poteza

Are you familiar with the following situation: a group leader or a manager of a small company decides to start working on the principles of the project management expecting the work to start going on swimmingly just by itself. The entire group will attend a course or a workshop, they will learn about the project work and the future will be under control. But is it so? Absolutely not!

Similar stories and experience have led me on to start the Institute Prava poteza (“clever stroke” or “the right move”). The Institute does not only mean the right move towards achieving a structured and systematic work, it also means constant learning and improvement.

At the Institute we manage projects, we assist and we advise in the implementation of projects, we set up project offices. We draft and assist in drafting of applications for calls for proposals and tenders and help implement the projects. We also prepare courses associated with effective project management. We gladly spread our knowledge and are very happy to find out that with every new challenge, we learn ourselves. 

We wish you to draw as many right moves in your professional life as possible and we are looking forward to collaborating with you in this!


PRAVA POTEZA MARIBOR • 02 2310 610 • 041 380 585 • info@prava-poteza.si